Thigh lift surgery is a plastic surgery method designed to remove excess skin from the inner thigh and tighten the skin of your buttocks and outer thighs. This procedure can also be used to remove excess fat and cartilage, which allows you to achieve an attractive shape with various contours. This type of surgery removes loose skin on your hips and buttocks after significant weight loss. The procedure is effective in removing that saggy, uneven appearance and restores a more youthful, flattering look to body areas resulting from weight loss.

The presence or absence of cellulite depends on genetic predisposition, your lifestyle and what kind of diet you eat. In addition, it also depends on whether a person has lost weight and if he is overweight. During liposuction, fat cells that have been weakened due to liposuction are removed from the body through a small incision. The fat cells are responsible for causing cellulite. After the operation, some weight loss experts believe that the problem of cellulite will no longer exist. Others say that there are only minimal results; that is, after performing liposuction, you can reduce fat mass in specific areas of the body but not completely eliminate it.

In a hip lift, the surgeon removes excess skin while tightening the rest of the skin. This plastic surgery makes the hips smoother, and more attractive, and also makes skin irregularities less noticeable. Determining whether cellulite will be removed during the procedure is relatively easy even at home. You can simply try to tighten the sagging skin on the thighs. If the cellulite disappears, it will probably disappear after the thigh lift. However, if cellulite remains visible, a thigh lift will not eliminate the problem but will most likely reduce its appearance. At the same time a specialist can determine which version of this procedure is most effective for a person.”

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