Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty

Dr. Suren Sahakyan, is a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon,  specialized in Breast enhancement Mammoplasty Surgeries. Conveniently located to serve the areas of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, Moscow and Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

Enhance Your Confidence with Dr. Suren Sahakyan

Breast augmentation is a transformative surgical procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, and projection of your breasts, ultimately boosting your self-esteem and confidence. This procedure delivers long-term, natural-looking results for women seeking fuller, more proportionate breasts.
Whether you want to restore volume lost after pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss, or simply achieve a more balanced silhouette, breast implants can provide the desired enhancement. Dr. Suren Sahakyan, a board-certified plastic surgeon renowned for his expertise in breast augmentation, is dedicated to helping women achieve their aesthetic goals with beautiful, natural results.

մամոպլաստիկա կրծքերի մեծացում mamoplastika yerevan

Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is popular for its ability to improve body contours and self-image. Women of any age can benefit from this procedure, which offers:

  • Fuller, more voluptuous breasts
  • Enhanced body curves and proportions
  • Restoration of breast volume after pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss

Dr. Sahakyan emphasizes achieving a natural look that complements your overall physique, ensuring you don’t appear top-heavy. His approach involves guiding you through every step of the process to make the best choices for your breast enhancement.

увеличение груди ереван пластика груди сурен саакян

About Breast Augmentation

Over time, factors such as age, genetics, and life events can impact the appearance of your breasts. Breast augmentation surgery involves placing an implant into a breast pocket to add fullness, restore volume, and, in some cases, lift the breasts for a rejuvenated look.

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Choosing Your Implants

Dr. Sahakyan takes great care in helping you select the perfect implants to naturally enhance your chest. During your consultation, he will discuss the type (saline vs. silicone), volume, profile, shape, and feel of the implants. At our clinic, we primarily use Mentor implants, known for their quality and variety, including saline solution, silicone gel, and cohesive gel options.

Implant Profiles:

  • Maximum Fullness: Provides the largest volume and a rounded top.
  • Enhanced Fullness: A popular choice for a natural, perky appearance.
  • Moderate Fullness: Subtle enhancement for a modest change.
  • Minimal Fullness: Slight enhancement for a natural look.
маммопластика увеличение груди в Ереване цена импланты
маммопластика Ереван Краснодар пластическая операция груди

Implant Shapes:

  • Round Implants: Even volume distribution for a fuller look.
  • Anatomically Shaped Implants: Teardrop shape for a natural, thick base.

Incisions and Placement

Dr. Sahakyan prefers placing implants under the chest wall muscle to achieve natural results and reduce the risk of complications. He uses three types of incisions:

  • In the breast crease
  • Along the lower edge of the areola
  • In the armpit
маммопластика Ереван Краснодар пластическая операция груди

Key Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sahakyan

  • Immediate aesthetic improvement (results may vary)
  • Natural-looking outcomes
  • Enhanced self-esteem and body confidence
  • Correction of asymmetrical or misshapen breasts

Ideal Candidates

Women in good health, within their ideal weight range, and unhappy with their breast shape or volume are great candidates for augmentation. If you wish to enhance your feminine curves, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sahakyan.

аугментационная маммопластика груди имланты пластический хирург

Your Consultation with Dr. Sahakyan

During your consultation, Dr. Sahakyan will discuss your goals, examine your breasts, and help determine the best approach for your breast augmentation. He will provide detailed information on the procedure, show before and after photos, and answer any questions you have, ensuring you feel confident in your decision.

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Preparation for Surgery

  • Arrange transportation to and from your surgery.
  • Create a comfortable resting area at home.
  • Have a friend or family member assist you for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid certain medications and supplements as instructed.
  • Stop smoking a few weeks before and after surgery.
  • Pick up prescribed medications in advance.
  • Fast for 12 hours before surgery.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing on the day of surgery.
krcqeri mecacum implantnerov plastik virabuyj bjishk

The Surgery Process

Breast augmentation is tailored to your needs. After changing into a gown, your breasts will be cleaned and marked for surgery. General anesthesia will be administered, and Dr. Sahakyan will make the necessary incisions to place your customized implants. The incisions will then be closed and bandaged.

կրծքերի մեծացում պլաստիկա վիրահատություն վիրաբույժ մամոպլաստիկա

Recovery and Results

After surgery, expect some swelling and sensitivity. Pain medication will help manage discomfort. Rest and sleep in an upright position, with brief walks to improve circulation. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Sahakyan will ensure proper recovery.
Most patients can return to work after 5 to 7 days if the work is sedentary, and resume strenuous activities after 6 to 8 weeks. Maintain consistent weight and a healthy lifestyle for long-lasting results.

цена маммопластики в ереване увеличение груди

Complementary Procedures

Consider combining breast augmentation with a breast lift for a comprehensive transformation. Dr. Sahakyan can discuss your options during your consultation.

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մամոպլաստիկա կրծքերի մեծացում պլաստիկ վիրաբույժ երևան

Cost of Breast Implants

The cost of breast augmentation varies based on individual treatment plans. Factors include anesthesia and implant costs. Contact our office for detailed pricing information.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Are breast implants safe? Yes, Mentor breast implants are a safe option with regular annual examinations to ensure their condition.

Which breast implants are best? Saline and cohesive gel implants offer a natural feel and safety. The best implant for you depends on your desired appearance.

How long do breast implants last? Breast implants are long-lasting with proper care and annual check-ups.

How much do breast implants cost? Costs vary based on customization. Contact us for specific pricing details.

Before and After Photos - patient results

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