Male Breast Reduction - Gynecomastia Surgery

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A procedure to reduce the size of male breast tissue

Male breast reduction surgery, offered by Dr. Suren Sahakyan at our Yerevan, Armenia, and Krasnodar offices, is a transformative procedure aimed at achieving a more masculine and contoured chest appearance. Whether caused by excess fat or glandular tissue, enlarged male breasts can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. While some men may see improvement through diet and exercise, surgical intervention is often necessary for significant enhancement. Dr. Sahakyan specializes in body contouring techniques tailored to meet the unique aesthetic goals of his male patients, helping them regain confidence and achieve their desired physique.

Understanding Male Breasts

Throughout history, the ideal male physique has been portrayed as muscular and defined. However, factors such as aging, hormonal changes during puberty or andropause, and medications can lead to the development of gynecomastia. This condition, affecting approximately 60% of men, involves the proliferation of glandular breast tissue rather than excess fat. Unlike pseudogynecomastia, which results from fat accumulation alone and can sometimes improve with lifestyle changes, gynecomastia requires surgical intervention for effective reduction.

Surgical Solutions

Dr. Sahakyan offers two primary approaches to male breast reduction surgery:

  • Gynecomastia Surgery: This procedure involves the precise removal of glandular tissue through small incisions around the areola. Dr. Sahakyan uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring and enhance chest contours, resulting in a flatter and more masculine appearance.
  • Liposuction: Ideal for patients with pseudogynecomastia, liposuction targets excess fat deposits around the chest area. Dr. Sahakyan utilizes tumescent liposuction techniques and specialized cannulas to achieve comprehensive fat removal and sculpted results. Liposuction may also complement gynecomastia surgery in some cases to achieve optimal outcomes.
տղամարդու սպորտային որովայն փորի լիպոսակցիա երևան txamardu liposakcia

Candidates for Male Breast Reduction

Men of various ages and backgrounds seek male breast reduction surgery to address:

  • Persistent gynecomastia since puberty
  • Changes following hormone therapy or steroid use
  • Desire for a more defined chest contour

Dr. Sahakyan conducts thorough consultations to evaluate candidacy, discuss treatment options, and tailor surgical plans based on individual needs and goals.

Коррекция мужской груди гинекомастия пластическая операция

Your Consultation with Dr. Sahakyan

During your consultation, Dr. Sahakyan will:

  • Conduct a physical examination to assess breast tissue and discuss medical history.
  • Explain the surgical procedures, benefits, and potential risks involved.
  • Address any concerns or questions to ensure informed decision-making and realistic expectations.
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired chest appearance and enhance self-confidence.
реконструкция груди ереван

Preparation and Recovery

Prior to surgery, patients are advised to:

  • Discontinue blood-thinning medications and nicotine products to reduce surgical risks and promote healing.
  • Arrange for transportation and post-operative care assistance for a comfortable recovery period.
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Following surgery, swelling and discomfort are common but temporary, with noticeable improvements in chest contour immediately visible. Dr. Sahakyan provides detailed post-operative instructions and schedules follow-up appointments to monitor healing progress and approve the gradual resumption of normal activities.

տղամարդու կրծքագեղձի պլաստիկ վիրահատություն գինեկոմաստիայի շտկում փոքրացում

Cost of Male Breast Reduction in Yerevan

The cost of male breast reduction surgery varies depending on the specific procedure and individual patient needs. During your consultation, Dr. Sahakyan will provide transparent pricing details and payment options to accommodate your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of male breast tissue due to glandular proliferation, often resulting in a feminine chest appearance.

Can gynecomastia be cured without surgery? Gynecomastia caused by glandular tissue typically requires surgical intervention for effective reduction. Pseudogynecomastia, involving fat accumulation, may improve with lifestyle modifications but can also benefit from surgical treatment.

What is pseudogynecomastia? Pseudogynecomastia occurs when enlarged male breasts are primarily due to excess fatty tissue rather than glandular growth. This condition may respond to diet, exercise, or surgical approaches depending on individual circumstances.

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